How to record a conversation during a call on iPhone: ? all ways

Many Android smartphones have a standard feature for recording telephone conversations. Record iPhone Call

it’s just impossible. Moreover, finding an application for recording phone calls in the App Store is not so simple. However, this does not mean at all that you cannot record the conversation on the iPhone.

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Below we will talk about how to record a telephone conversation on an iPhone. By default, you can’t record a phone conversation on an iPhone, but there are several alternative methods.

  • 1. How to record a conversation on an iPhone using applications
  • 2. How to record a conversation on iPhone via Telegram-bot
  • 3. Record Phone Calls on iPhone via Mac
  • 4. How to record a call on an iPhone using a voice recorder
  • 5. Record conversations on iPhone using jailbreak tweaks

Note that recording private telephone conversationsfor personal purposes does not violate the laws of the Russian Federation. However, you cannot make such a record public without informing the person you are talking to and obtaining his consent. You can use such records as evidence in court, but they will not have a higher priority than other types of evidence.



1. How to record a conversation on an iPhone using applications

Can I record a conversation on an iPhone? There is no standard function for recording conversations on an iPhone, so the main way is to use a third-party program to record telephone conversations. There are several such applications in the App Store, they all work the same way.

You start the call, then add the third number, and now the application can hear both you and your interlocutor.

Note that you must first call the numberservice, and then add to the call the person you want to talk to. Thus, the user does not know that you are recording a conversation. When you need to record an incoming call, it becomes more difficult. However, you can simply ask the person to wait a minute while you add the second number. The user only finds out that you put it on hold.

Rev Call Recording - free phone recording appconversations on the iPhone. This is one of the best and most popular options. You can record incoming and outgoing calls free of charge. In this program, for iPhone to record telephone conversations you need to pay only for the translation of audio into text.

Download: Rev Call Recording (free)

Tapecall: This is another option, but not completely free. After downloading the application, you will receive a free trial subscription for 7 days, and then you can purchase a premium subscription for several months or a year.

The scheme is familiar. In order to record a telephone conversation, you must open the application and make a call to the “service” number. After that, you should call the desired subscriber and combine the calls.

Incoming calls are recorded in the same way.scheme. To do this, you must first answer the call, and then launch the application and enable recording of the conversation on the iPhone. The program will call the service number independently, but the subscriber only needs to activate the conference call.

In general, the application is quite simple inuse, however, there are still certain nuances. For example, a call to a “service” number that allows you to record a conversation is paid - its cost is set by the telecom operator. In order to reduce the costs of subscribers, the creators of the application decided to open a certain number of “service” numbers. In each of the countries in which the program is distributed, there is at least one such number; there are several available in Russia.

The application saves the recorded conversation afterits completion. As a rule, a recording can be played right away, but sometimes saving can take from 1 minute to half an hour. This is due both to the duration of the conversation and to the workload of the service.



By the way, there are no hidden payments in the application. Users are given the opportunity to use the service on an ongoing basis for free, but with a limitation - only one minute of a recorded conversation can be played. The opportunity to listen to the whole conversation is already available for a fee - a subscription costs about 600 rubles a year.

Download: TapeACall (free)

2. How to record a conversation on iPhone via Telegram-bot

If you regularly use the messengerTelegram, then it’s probably most convenient for you not to download a separate application for recording conversations, but to use a special PhoneRecordBot bot. It sends recordings as audio files directly to the chat.

It is worth noting that you get the onlycopy of record: it is not stored on PhoneRecordBot server. Of the more obvious advantages - the bot works on any device with Telegram, so you can use it not only on the phone, but also on the computer (including the Mac).

Two tariff plans are available for use. The daily tariff is 25 rubles per day, and the monthly tariff is 149 rubles. In the first case, you pay only for the days when you use the bot, while in both cases the number of recorded calls per day is not limited.

If you do not record conversations all the time, butyou need this feature for a couple of days (for example, to call partners about upcoming meetings and record their answers), it’s easier to choose the first option and pay 75 rubles for three days of use. As a result, at the exit you can get even a few dozen calls, and you won’t overpay for it a dime.

The video above shows all the steps in detailregistration and configuration of the bot: it will take a very little time. After that, every time you want to record a call, just call the service number you received, click “Add Call” and indicate the number you want to call. Combine calls and talk as usual.

After you hang up, in dialogue withThe bot will receive an entry that you can listen directly to Telegram, save to your phone or computer, or send it to another messenger. For maximum data protection, you can delete the message (be sure to select the “Delete with me and PhoneRecordBot” option.

To install: PhoneRecordBot (free)



3. Record Phone Calls on iPhone via Mac

This method works for recording calls from an iPhone or Android smartphone, as well as from older mobile phones. The audio file with the recording appears on the Mac itself.

You will need a Mac with a built-in (or external) microphone, iPhone or Android smartphone and a quiet room to record a conversation.

  1. Open QuickTime Player on Mac, go to the “File” menu and select “New Audio Recording”.
  2. Place your smartphone near the Mac.
  3. Mute the sound on a Mac by pressing the corresponding button on the keyboard.
  4. On the iPhone (or Android smartphone), start the call.
  5. Switch the sound of the smartphone to the speaker.

  1. Click the record button in QuickTime on Mac.
  2. When you are finished talking, stop recording in QuickTime by clicking on the same button.
  3. Save the audio file in QuickTime as usual.

This is the easiest way, and it is convenient in that it works with any phones and any Mac. The Mac just needs to have a microphone, and the smartphone has a speakerphone mode. The method is also very reliable.



You can also record calls on FaceTime, inSkype and other instant messengers. Usually calls made over Wi-Fi sound better. However, the audio quality with such a recording will not be the best, since the Mac can record extraneous sounds.

You can also use programs to record conversations, but it will not be free. But the sound quality will be better, and your interlocutor will not suspect anything.

Download: Call Recorder for Mac

Download: Audio Hijack

4. How to record a call on an iPhone using a voice recorder

If you do not want to use third-party programs and services, you can record a conversation on an iPhone to a voice recorder. This way you can talk on the speakerphone and record your conversations.

Ambertek VR105 Voice Recorder: This small voice recorder is inexpensive and can record up to 50 hours of audio. Works via USB - you can conveniently connect it to your Mac to download recorded files.

Sony Voice Recorder ICD-PX: Sony has some of the best voice recorders on the market. This has all the features you need, but it costs more. The recorder has 4 GB of internal memory, which can be increased up to 32 GB. Moreover, you can even connect external microphones to it.

5. Record conversations on iPhone using jailbreak tweaks

Call Recorder X+ (iOS 12), AudioRecorder XS (iOS 12 - 13) and Super Recorder X+ (iOS 12) - Tweaks that allow you to record phone calls directly in the Phone application. Supported devices: iPhone 7, 8, X, and 11.

In addition, for an additional fee with the Super Recorder X + tweak (iOS 12), you can get additional features, such as volume up and voice change.

Both tweaks add a red record button to the screen with a call. If you press it, the call recording on the iPhone will begin, and then it will be saved on the internal web server, from where the call recording can be requested.

Tweaks also support Activator, so instead of the red button, you can use another action. Conversation recordings can be played, deleted and shared.

If you are interested in tweaks, you can downloadCall Recorder X + (iOS 12 - 13), Super Recorder X + (iOS 12) from the Packix repository and AudioRecorder XS. To install, you will need to purchase a paid license.

Tweaks Call Recorder X +, Super Recorder X + and AudioRecorder XS are only for devices with jailbreak iOS 12 - 13.3.1. For older versions of the system, there are previous versions of tweaks.