How to Avoid Burnout OLED Screen iPhone X

iPhone X is the first iPhone with an OLED display, which Apple calls the Super Retina Display. It is very bright, large and perfectly conveys

colors, but he is prone to various problems. One of them is screen burn, and it is inherent in all OLED displays.

Apple tried its best to put offthis process, but still there is a chance that in a couple of months from the purchase of a new smartphone, burnout will begin to appear on its screen. Below we will talk about ways to prevent this.


What does screen burn mean?

Burning out the screen (or burning out the phosphor) isside effect of the OLED display. This happens when one image stays on the screen for too long (without movement). After that, the image freezes on the screen. Even when the content changes, the remains of that image are visible on the screen.

Apple has added several specialfunctions to prevent this from happening with the icons in the status bar. The company used pixel shifting technology so that the icons periodically moved a little and did not stay in one place for too long. This should help avoid burnout.

In addition, there are methods that you can use yourself.



#1. Use the last version of iOS

Apple will continue to update iOS and add toThe system has more new features that will help avoid screen burnout. You will only receive these features if you regularly install Software Updates.

# 2. Turn on Auto brightness

Auto brightness is on by default. Apple even moved this option to Universal access -> Display adaptation. Yes, sometimes auto brightness does not work perfectly, especially when the device cannot recognize the level of lighting. But the owners of the iPhone X will have to come to terms with this.

The brightness of the screen is the main factor in its burnout. If you leave one image with full brightness on the screen for a long time, the screen may fade. Therefore, turn on auto brightness, and let the system itself monitor so that this does not happen.

# 3. Reduce term auto lock

iPhone X automatically locks after 30seconds. This may be too fast, but this feature also helps to prevent screen burnout. Face recognition ensures that the smartphone does not block while you look at it (even if you do not interact with the touchscreen). Therefore, a short auto lock period will not be a problem.

If you previously increased the period, we recommend reducing it to 30 seconds in Settings -> Screen and brightness -> Auto block.



#four. Not use maximum brightness

The most dangerous thing is to constantly use the maximum brightness on the iPhone X. Try to avoid this, even if you do not have auto brightness turned on.

#five. How to fix screen burn

If you already see signs of burnout, then there is a chance to fix them.

In the event that you quickly noticedburnout marks, just turn off your iPhone for a couple of hours, and then turn it on again. Traces may remain, but over time they may disappear (usually this helps on TVs). If the traces do not disappear, then the screen will have to be changed.