How to change cursor speed on iPad

Using Settings in iPadOS 13.4 and later, you can not only connect a mouse or trackpad to the iPad, but also change

cursor speed. Below we will tell you how to do it.

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About connecting a mouse or trackpad to an iPad

In iPadOS 13.4 and later, it’s very easy to configure a mouse or trackpad connected to the tablet through Settings.

Now you can connect the Magic Trackpad to the iPad,Magic Mouse 2 or third-party accessories. With their help, you can more convenient and faster work with your tablet. In addition, you can even use gestures without touching the screen.

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In addition, you can change the cursor speed, configure the “Natural Scrolling” function, as well as simulate left and right mouse clicks.

Below we will tell you how to change the cursor speed on the iPad.

How to change cursor speed on iPad

  1. Open application Settings on your iPad.
  2. Select section Main.
  3. Select a section here Trackpad or Trackpad and mouse.

To change the speed of the cursor, use the "Movement speed" slider.

To make the cursor slower, drag the slider to the left. To make the cursor faster, drag the slider to the right.

You can try different speeds for the cursor and decide which one suits you best.

You cannot adjust the speed of the mouse cursor and trackpad separately. The slider controls the speed of the cursor and mouse, and trackpad together.