How to change iCloud storage plan

Someday there will come a time at which you will want to change your iCloud tariff plan. It can be done as

through iOS and through macOS.

When you create an iCloud account, you are freeYou get 5GB of memory in the storage, where you can store copies of your data, including photos and documents. Depending on how many devices you have, these 5GB will fill up quickly. Apple also offers three paid subscriptions: 50GB, 200GB and 2TB. You can also subscribe to 200GB or 2TB for the whole family.



How to change iCloud tariff plan in iOS

First you need to go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

one) Go to section Accounts and Passwords.

2) Select your account iCloud.



3) Go to Storage.

four) Here you will see the total storage capacity, as well as the available memory. By choosing Control, you can see what takes up the most free memory.

five) Return to the Storage screen and press Buy another place.

6) On this screen you will see your tariff plan and a list of available ones. You can also unsubscribe from your paid subscription.

7) Choose the subscription you like.

eight) Click Buy in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, confirmation of the purchase of a new tariff plan will appear.

9) To undo your actions in the process, click Back in the upper left corner of the screen.

How to change iCloud tariff plan on Mac

one) Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences> iCloud.

2) Select Control in the lower right corner of the window.

3) Select Buy another place in the upper right corner.

four) On the next screen you will see your tariff plan and all available.

five) If you want to expand the storage, select a subscription and click Further.

6) Enter your Apple ID password and click Buy.

7) To unsubscribe from a paid subscription, click Choose a free plan, select a subscription, and then click Is done.

About reducing storage

If you decide to reduce storage, thiswill happen only after the expiration of the previously purchased subscription. If the data that was stored in iCloud will no longer be placed there, new files, photos and videos will not be uploaded to the storage, and there will also be no backup.

As you can see for yourself, changing iCloud tariff plan is very easy through any device.