How to use "Sign in with Apple" on sites and applications

When you visit a site or application for the first time, you need to create an account for it with

using a mailbox and password. Often this process is long and boring. In addition, it is very difficult to remember all your passwords from each site and application.

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Fortunately, Apple has an authorization feature withusing Apple. This is a new method of authorization on sites and in applications with which you do not have to create a new account each time. In addition, this method is also safer.

In this article, we will talk about how to use and manage Apple authorization.

About Apple Sign In

  • Two-factor authentication must be enabled for your Apple ID.
  • ICloud must use the same Apple ID as on the device.
  • You must be over 13 years old. Age may vary by country.
  • To use the function in applications, you must have iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, macOS Catalina 10.15 or tvOS 13 and later.
  • The function can be used on other platforms, such as Android and Windows, as well as in other browsers, not only in Safari.

If you use Login with Apple sites andapplications will be able to request only your name and mailbox to create an account. You can also hide your Apple ID box. If you do not hide it, it will be available to the site or application, and you can be identified by it.



If you hide the box, it will be generatedrandom, it will see the site / application. All incoming letters will be sent to your address, so that you can receive all the information without opening your email.

Here is what Apple herself writes:

We do not view or process the content.your emails, only exclude spam. All letters are deleted from our servers after they are delivered to you. This usually happens within a couple of seconds.

You can disclose your address, change it, etc. at any time. More on this below.



How to use Login with Apple

In some applications and sites, Login with Apple or Continue with Apple is specified as authorization options.

If Apple Sign-in is available in the application, select it, and then select, open or hide email. After that, log in using Touch ID, Face ID or Apple ID password.

Mac apps work the same way. You just need to select Sign in with Apple, set up a mailbox, and then log in using your Apple ID password.

The function can be used on sites in any browser, but the method may vary on different sites.

For example, if you use a Mac with Safari, you may see the following message:

By clicking Continue, you can useanother Apple ID, and share or hide your inbox. When you are ready, click "Continue with Password", enter the password from your Apple ID, and you're done.

In Firefox or Chrome, you just need to enter your Apple ID. After that, you can configure your mailbox.



When you return to the site again, you can click Continue with Apple and log in using your Apple ID.

Site and application management

You can view the sites and applications for which Sign in with Apple has been used on your devices and on the site. Here you can change some settings.

On iOS

  1. Open application Settingsand then select own name.
  2. Select item password and safety.
  3. Here you can view Applications using Apple ID.

On mac

  1. Go to System Preferences via the menu bar.
  2. Choose your Apple ID.
  3. Select password and safety left.
  4. Click Change.


  1. Go to the Apple ID website.
  2. Scroll to section Security.
  3. In section Applications and sites using Apple ID select To manage.

The Apple Sign In feature is very useful if you do not want to disclose your personal information. Now you know how to use it.