How to use the Markup tool for files in Mail on Mac

Sometimes it’s necessary to sign a PDF document for work, add some illustrations on the photo, etc., and this can be

Easy to do with Mail Markup on Mac. It has all the basic functions: shapes, text, signature, drawing, etc. Below we will tell you how to use this function.

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how open Markup tool

Open the Mail program, create a new e-mail and follow the steps below.

one) Attach a PDF image or file to the email. This can be done by dragging the file into the program window, or by selecting File and Attach Files.

2) Click on the attached file. if you have badge Markup In the tools menu, click it. Otherwise, click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the file and select Markup.



Note: If you do not have the Layout icon, enable it in the settings: click on badge Apple > System settings > Extensions. Click Actions and check the box next to Markup.

3) The Layout window opens, where you can get started.

How to use tools Markup

You can do a lot of things with a document. The following tools are available:

  • Outline: Draw or write on a document.
  • Painting: Same as outline, but for Force Touch trackpad.
  • Figures: Add shapes, arrows, lines, etc. to the document.
  • Text: Add text to documents.
  • Signature: If you have a digital signature saved, it will be displayed here. Or you can create a new one.
  • Shapes Style: Change the thickness of the shapes.
  • Outline color: Change the color of the outline of the shapes.
  • Fill color: Change the fill color of the shapes.
  • Style text: Change the font, size, text color, etc.

When finished editing the file, click Is done. All changes will be applied.

You will notice that the file size has increased. If desired, it can be made smaller.

The markup in the Mail is very convenient when you quickly need to change a file and immediately send it in an email.