How to use effects, filters and stickers for photos in Messages

Who doesn't like to take funny photos? IOS version 12 contains new ways to diversify your photos,

which you send via Messages. With their help, you can easily decorate your photos and make them funny. Below we will describe how to use the new function.

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When you open Messages and click on the Camera icon, a star icon will appear in the bottom left. Click on it to open all available options.

How to use filters, text and shapes

The first three options available on the menu are filters, text, and shapes. When you select one of them, all options will open, from which you can choose.



Filters have effects like comics, coloring and noir. Choose the one you like, move it, click the icon Xto close the window and take a photo.

You can also add text bubbles in the shape of a heart, square or circle. Select one of the forms, enter the text, move it where necessary, and then close the window and take a photo.

Shapes work the same way: select, move, close the window, take a photo.

How to use stickers

There will be stickers in the menu next to the forms. If you have games or applications with stickers installed, they will be displayed here. Great kits are found in Word Chums and Angry Birds Match, as well as in Trello and GarageBand.

To add a sticker to a photo, just select it, move it where you want, close the window and take a photo.

Other options

After you take a photo with a filter, text or sticker, additional options will be available.

The Modify and Edit buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can use cropping, rotation, brightness adjustment, etc. or add various handwritten signatures to the photo.

When you’re ready to send a photo in a message,You can do this in two ways. You can click Finish in the upper right corner of the screen to add a text message to the photo. Or you can click on the blue arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to immediately send a photo message.

If you often send photos to yourto friends, new features are a great way to make them fun and interesting. You can take a funny photo, a love message or just wish a good day.