How to use the one-handed print mode on the keyboard of an iPhone with iOS 11

The Apple Keyboard on iOS 11 supports a special mode designed to type messages on

larger iPhone models were lighter. It is on the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone, but not on the iPad. Mode compresses the keys and moves them closer to your thumb.

Thus, it is much easier to type messages with one hand, because the compressed keyboard matches the size of a regular 4-inch iPhone.



With this mode, it’s easier to reach all letters on large iPhones, and it’s also ideal for solving accessibility problems. In addition, the mode is designed for both righties and lefties.

Here's how to enable and use one-handed mode on iPhone with iOS 11.

How to enable one-handed mode in Settings

One-handed mode can be enabled and configured through the Settings app.



one) Open up Settings on your iPhone.

2) Go to Basic → Keyboard → One-handed operation mode.

3) Choose from the following options:

  • Disable - Turns off one-handed operation.
  • For the left hand - Squeezes the keyboard in the left corner.
  • For the right hand - Squeezes the keyboard in the right corner.



You can always enable or disable the mode, choose between the right and left hand, and also go to the mode settings through the iOS switch menu.

how quickly turn on mode one-handed operation

The iOS switch menu has a shortcut to mode settings.

one) Open the keyboard on your iPhone.

2) If you have only one keyboard installed, hold down the emoji icon in the lower left corner to open the switch menu. If you have several keyboards installed, hold down the globe icon.

3) A switch menu will open, at the bottom of which there will be mode settings.

Click on one of the orientation icons to do the following:

  • Compress the keyboard in the left corner - click on the icon on the left.
  • Compress the keyboard in the right corner - click on the icon on the right.
  • Enable regular keyboard - click on the middle icon.

TIP: The keyboard settings at the top of the menu are a convenient shortcut that shortens a couple of taps. It immediately opens the section with the keyboard settings, where you can change some options.

If you use a third-party keyboard, you will have to select the standard one in the switch menu to activate the mode.

How to use one-handed mode on iphone

The one-handed operation mode will be convenient if you hold in the other coffee, or you just have small hands.

one) Using the instructions above, turn on and select the mode for lefties or righties.

2) That's it, type with one thumb like a pro.

TIP: If you are too lazy to include a regular keyboard through the menu, click on the arrow on either side of the keyboard to enable the standard size.

That's all, we hope that typing with your thumb on large devices will now be much easier. Thus, it will be much more difficult to drop the phone from your hands, especially while walking.