How to free up space on your iPhone with Dropbox Carousel

Due to the lack of expandable memory, iOS users are experiencing big problems. This is especially true.

for those who install many programs andmakes a large number of photos. Want to easily free up storage space on your iPhone? Then Dropbox will help with this. It has a photo management application called Carousel. This application will help users free up space on the iPhone. Next I will tell you how to do it.

Dropbox discontinued Dropbox Carousel app support

Carousel has recently been updated and a new feature has been added to help you easily free up space on your iPhone.
Instructions on how to free up space on your iPhone using Dropbox Carousel:



  1. Download the application and install on your device.
  2. If you are registered in Dropbox, then just log in with your account, if not, register directly in the application.
  3. At the first start, a little training will be shown, and at the last stage you will see the option to backup photos and videos. Install it.
    Enable photo and video backup
  4. The application will begin to make a copy of your photos and videos. After it's over go to the settings tab More> Settings> Free up space on iPhone
  5. From here, you will only be shown how much space you can free by deleting photos and videos that were previously copied. Press button Free space.
  6. Your photos have not yet been deleted, but only moved to a folder Recently Deleted. To permanently delete them, select all the files and click delete.
  7. Highlight unnecessary photos and press delete everything.

It is worth noting that this method only works oniOS 8 will not delete edited pictures or series of photos, as well as videos shot in Slow-Mo. This method is useful not only for deleting photos, but also for conveniently transferring your photos to your computer.