How to disable voice messages in Telegram on iPhone

Telegram offers many useful features for the most convenient communication with friends. Among them

there are voice messages. Holding the button, you can make an audio recording of any length and send it to the interlocutor; the same is available to him.

Although it really is necessary,especially when you don’t have the ability to print, there are also some disadvantages. Accidentally pressing the record button will immediately send a voice message without any confirmation.



Although Telegram does not allow users to turn off voice recording, there is a way to do this through privacy settings. Read the detailed instructions below.

How to disable voice recording in Telegram

Step 1: Launch Settings.

Step 2: Open the "Privacy" section.

Step 3: Select Microphone.

Step 4: Find Telegram in the application list that opens and disable access to the microphone for it.

This way you prevent Telegram from usingmicrophone, so sound recording will stop working. If you open Telegram and press the record button, a notification will appear asking for permission to access the microphone. This will prevent accidental recording of voice messages.

This method is well suited for those whouses only voice messages in Telegram. However, if you use other features that require access to a microphone (for example, voice calls), keep in mind that they will also stop working.

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