How to open the emoji catalog on an iPad with a physical keyboard

Apple's Smart Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio keyboards have a globe key for accessing the emoji catalog. However on

third-party keyboards from other manufacturers suchno. Even the new Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro does not have a globe key. So how do you use emojis on an iPad with a physical keyboard? We will talk about this below.

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Where did the key with the globe go?

The only drawback of the iPad Pro 2018 with the Smart Keyboard Folio keyboard is the lack of backlighting, which makes the keyboard impossible to use in the dark.

The Smart Keyboard Folio has a special emoji key that quickly opens the emoji catalog. However, the new Magic Keyboard and most third-party keyboards do not have a similar button.



Below we will tell you how to open the emoji catalog on an iPad with a physical keyboard.

How to open emoji catalog on iPad with external keyboard

This will be the shortest instruction in the world.

To add emojis using the external keyboard on the iPad, place the cursor in the desired location and press the following keyboard shortcut:

Control () + Space

Now use the up and down arrows to select a keyboard with emoji from the list.

Unlike macOS, in iOS there is no search for emojis and select emojis.

Thanks to the mouse, trackpad and iPadOS 13.4 system, you can open the catalog with emoji without touching the screen. Moreover, using an external keyboard, you can fully control your iPad.

If you don’t use emoji, you don’t need a globe key at all. If it is on your keyboard, you can change its function.

How to open emoji directory on macOS

The Mac has a keyboard shortcut that allows you to open the emoji catalog at any time. Here it is:

Control () + Command () + Space

Holding these keys down will open the emoji catalog.

The macOS emoji directory has a convenient search.

In the emoji catalog, you can view all available, your recent and favorite emojis. There is also a convenient search.

It would be great if emoji searches were added to iOS.