How to transfer contacts from an old phone to iPhone

You just started using the brand new iPhone and you need to transfer your existing ones to it

contacts from the old device. Well, if only because, and we should recognize this, that no one has a chance to remember the numbers of all contacts from the address book. It does not matter if this device is your first iPhone or third, we will show you how to easily and quickly transfer your existing contacts to a new device.

How to transfer contacts from an Android device

Sync with Google Services

Android OS automatically creates copies and synchronizes your contacts with your Google account tied to the device.



And that means syncing your contactsiPhone is a matter of seconds. First of all, we’ll set up the correct process for synchronizing your contacts on your Android device.

On your Android device, open "Settings" and select the menu "Accounts".

Select your Gmail account and make sure the option is checked Contact Sync. This means that all your contacts are in sync with your Gmail account.



Now, on your iPhone, open the Settings app.

Choose "Contacts" and team "Add account". If you are already logged in to your Google account for the mail application, then this account will already be present in this menu. If not, select the command "Add account".

Next, select the Google service and log in to your account with your ID.

On the next screen, turn on the switch next to the option "Contacts" to activate the synchronization process. Then click on the button "Save". After that, the process of synchronizing your contacts in the Google service with your iPhone device will begin. After a few seconds, you will find all your contacts in the application "Contacts".

Transfer contact information from the Gmail service to the iCloud service

If there is a need to completely changeSince the storage location of contacts, you will need to transfer all your contacts from the Gmail service to the iCloud service. If this is your case, then follow the instructions below.

You must complete all of the above steps fromof the previous section to synchronize the contact details of your Android device with the Google service. After that, we switch to using your PC or Mac.

On your PC, open the link. In the upper left section of the interface, click on the option Gmail and select the menu "Contacts".

A new bookmark opens a list of contacts stored in the Google service. In the sidebar, select "Yet" and then the team "Export". The pop-up menu that appears will say that this function is available only in the old version of the service. We agree and click on the button "To the old version".

In the menu that appears, put a check mark on the first check box to select all the contacts or select manual contacts to be synchronized and transferred.

After selecting the necessary contacts, click on the button "Yet" and "Export".

As a data format, you must select a format "VCard Contacts".

After which the file will begin downloading, with all the data of your contacts.



Then we go to the service and log in to your account. Select bookmark "Contacts". Here you will find the lack of contacts. Let's import contacts from the just downloaded Gmail service file.



Below we click on the icon "Settings" and select the team Import vCard. In the menu that appears, select the file you just downloaded.

After a second or two, all your contacts will appear in the corresponding tab.

Now go to your iPhone device.

Now you need to sync your contacts stored in your cloud service account ICloud with your device so that they appear in the application "Contacts".

Open "Settings" and go to settings ICloud. We make sure that the option to synchronize contacts is enabled. Then, if you run the application "Contacts", then you will find there all your synchronized contacts.

We use the Move to iOS application

Apple has released its own app called "Move to iOS"which allows you to transfer your dataGoogle service accounts, instant messages and applications on your iPhone. This operation is only performed during the initial setup of your iPhone, when the “Move Data from Android » [Transfer data from Andriod device].

On your Android device, make sure thatcontact details have been synchronized. Then, make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and, after that, carry out the procedure of pairing both devices with each other. Then, in the menu, mark the line “Google Account” as an object to move. Start the transfer process and wait a bit.

From my sad experience, I can say that the application "Move to iOS" not working the best way. I would recommend that you use this application only if you transfer account data from the service Google, but not heavy files in the form of photos and videos.

How to transfer contacts from an old iPhone device

Turn on iCloud service synchronization while setting up a new device

On the current iPhone device, you need to make sure that all data of your contacts is synchronized with the services of the service ICloud.

In case of service ICloudgo to "Settings" then in ICloud and make sure that the ID data indicated there really belongs to you.

Then make sure that the option "Contacts" included.



Now, select the bookmark "Backup copy" and select the team "Back up". IPhone starts syncing with cloud service ICloud. This may take some time.

After that, during the initial setup of your new phone, in the section “Applications and data”, select the command Restore from iCloud Copy. You will need to enter your account detailsrecords in the iCloud service and wait while the data recovery process is in progress. At the end of the recovery process, the data of your contacts will appear on the device.

Sync with Google Sync Services

If you plan to continue to use the services of the Google service to synchronize the data of your contacts, then the method for transferring them to your new iPhone device is described below.

First of all, we make sure that the data synchronization option with the Google cloud service is enabled on the old iPhone device.

Go to "Settings" -> "Mail, addresses, calendars" -> "Accounts" -> Gmail and make sure the option "Contacts" included. Also make sure that you have an Internet connection in order to synchronize data with the Google service.

Then, on the new iPhone device, we launch "Settings"select bookmark "Mail, addresses, calendars" -> "Accounts", and click on the command "Add account".

From the list, select the service Google and make sure that the menu "Contacts" selected before clicking on "Save". All your contact information stored in your cloud service account Google appear on your new iPhone device.