How to transfer photos or videos from a memory card to iPhone or iPad

Need to transfer a photo or video to an iPhone from a digital camera? Import photos and videos from

the camera or memory card on the iPhone and iPad using the special adapter and the Photo app. Below we describe how this is done.

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To transfer photos from a memory card to iPhone you need:

  • Apple Lightning to SD or USB-C to SD adapter for cameras with SD memory cards.
  • Apple Lightning to USB or USB-C to USB-A adapter for USB cameras.
  • A working iPhone with sufficient charge.
  • Digital camera and / or SD memory card from which you want to transfer the photo.

This method works with both iPhone and iPod touch and iPad.

How to transfer photos from a memory card to iPhone

  1. Connect one of the adapters above to the Lightning connector on the iPhone.



  1. Insert the photo memory card into the adapter.
  2. Wait for the Photos app to open on your smartphone.
  3. Click Import all (option name may vary) in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. When the import is complete, a notification appears on the screen. You can leave the imported photos on the memory card or delete them right away.

All imported photos will appear in the Photos application. Note that the photos will be displayed in order, depending on the date of shooting.

You can find all imported photos in the special album “Imported”.

Sometimes the Photo application does not open automatically when you connect an adapter with a memory card, then you need to open it yourself and go to the import tab.

You can also import not all photos, but manually select only some.

If your camera does not have an SD card, use an adapter with USB. Fortunately, most cameras use just such memory cards.

We used the iPhone for instructions, but the process will be exactly the same for iPod touch and iPad.

An alternative method is also available for transferring photos and videos from an SD card to an iPhone or iPad using the files application.