How to print faster and more productively on iPhone with SwiftKey

If you are used to typing on your phone with two thumbs, then you are most likely doing this quite

fast. But if you type messages with one index finger, then vice versa. Fortunately, you can increase typing speed and reduce errors with the SwiftKey keyboard. A useful two-count application will help you type messages much more productively.

what such SwiftKey?

SwiftKey is a keyboard that allows youspell and create words using the SwiftKey Flow feature. In fact, you simply will not need to take your finger off the keyboard. Just drive along it, grabbing the letters, and that’s it. A word will appear in a message box in a second. So you catch up with those who print with two thumbs.



Note: you you can disable the SwiftKey Flow option if you like to type every letter.

What are the main features?

Cool options design

Design customization is a very good feature.SwiftKey. You can download themes that match your style or mood. From ordinary dark colors, to shooting stars and holiday pictures, you can instantly change one design to another.



To view, download, and select a theme, open SwiftKey and go to Themes.

Simple settings

SwiftKey provides six simple settings to make the printing process as convenient as possible for you. You can enable or disable the following:

  1. Auto-correction: the application will correct and complete the words for you.
  2. Quick point: you can double-click on the spacebar to insert a point.
  3. Automatic capital letters: Automatically spell words at the beginning of a sentence with a capital letter.
  4. Keyboard sound: the sound of a click when you click on letters.
  5. SwiftKey Flow: Type words by spelling and without lifting your finger.
  6. Emoji key: replaces the globe key with a key with quick access to emoji.

To configure these options, open the application and go to Settings.

Some of languages

Если вам нужно использовать больше одного языка, you're lucky. SwiftKey offers a large selection of languages ​​for download. Thus, when you type in one of the languages, the words will be corrected correctly. You can enable, disable and remove languages ​​from the application. This is much faster than using an application with a translator.

To download, enable or disable languages, go to the Languages ​​tab.

Help and support

If you have questions, or have someproblems with SwiftKey, you can go to Support. Browse frequently asked questions, topics, or enter the main word in the search. Just open the application and select Support.

what yet can SwiftKey?

Besides these awesome SwiftKey featuresOffers extra to make your life easier. When you open the application, you will see all the settings that we described above. But if you scroll down on the main screen, you will see even more settings and additional information.


By opening the Account tab, you can enableA feature that will learn your writing style on social networks and email. Now it works for Facebook and Google. The function also allows you to create copies and synchronize languages ​​between devices.

Note: before you enable the account, you should read about Privacy settings Swiftkey and Privacy Policy. Both documents can be found on the account screen.


After using SwiftKey for a long time, take a look at your usage statistics. It will show how much your productivity has improved.

  • Typing map: shows how the application tailored the keys to your actions.
  • Productivity: shows the percentage of productivity improvement.
  • Printed distance: If you have the SwiftKey Flow option turned on, you can see how many kilometers you spent on the keyboard.
  • Saved keystrokes: shows how many keystrokes you saved using the application features.
  • Corrected typos: shows how many typos were fixed by the application for all time.
  • Words Typed with Flow: Shows the number of words you typed as you type on the keyboard.
  • Tips: Displays the number of words prompted by the application.
  • Completed Words: The number of words the application completed for you.



how download and to establish Swiftkey

If you think SwiftKey will help youprint faster, you can download it on your iPhone or iPad in the App Store for free. When you install the application, you will need to install it with the keyboard in the settings.

Open Settings, General, Keyboard. Then select SwiftKey on the keyboards. To use the keyboard, you need to enable the Allow full access option.



If you still have a standard keyboard pop up when typing a message, hold down the globe key and select SwiftKey in the options.

Now you can print faster, do lessmistakes, and all this in stylish designs. Plus, if you decide to practice your thumbs, you can turn off SwiftKey Flow and type one letter at a time. In any case, SwiftKey is a good application that will save your time.