How to use flashlight on iPad Pro with iOS 11

On the iPad Pro, a LED flash was added a year ago. To be more precise, now there is such a flash on every iPad Pro available in

sale. However, iOS did not contain flashlight features for the iPad. This has changed since iOS 11.

Does your function support iPad?

The function only works on iPad with iOS 11 and LED flash. Here are all supported models: iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Pro 12.9 (both generations).



On older models (including iPad Air and iPad Air 2) and iPad mini there is no LED flash, so they do not support this function.

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how turn on torch on iPad

Step 1: On the home screen or in an application, swipe the screen up and down to its center to open a new application switcher. In it you will find a new control point on the right side of the screen.



Step 2: Find the flashlight button and click on it. An animation appears and the color of the button changes. The tiny switch on the icon will move - a small nice detail.

Step 3: Previously, you could adjust the intensityFlashlight using 3D Touch. Now it can be done on the iPad. Hold the flashlight button and a slider with four sections will appear. On it you can choose different degrees of intensity.

Step 4: To turn off the flashlight, just click on its button again in the control point.

The flashlight can also be turned on from the lock screen, but this is not so convenient.

Can't find the button in the control room?

On iOS 11, the control point can be configured, and the flashlight is one of the buttons that can be removed or added. If you can’t find it in the control room, then it’s just turned off.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Command centre -> Customize ale. of management.

Step 2: Find the flashlight button and click on the Plus (+) next to it to add it to the control point.