How to change the default list in Reminders

If you often use the Reminder application, you have probably created several lists in it. Can

create lists for work, home, study, etc.

When you add a reminder through Siri,virtual assistant lists it by default. In order not to get confused in your reminders, you can change the default list by following the instructions below.



Change the default list in reminders

one) Open up Settings.

2) Go to section Reminders.

3) Click Default.

four) Select the list you want to use by default. A checkmark will appear next to it.

Adding a new default list

If you want to create a new default list, you must first go to the Reminders application itself.

one) Open up Reminders.

2) Click on the icon A plus at the top of the screen.

3) Select List on the pop-up window.

four) If necessary, select an account.

five) Name the list and select a color for it.

Now go back to Settings and in the same way select the list you just created and set it to default.

Using the default list in Remindershelps not to get confused and keep their affairs in order. The Reminder application is very convenient to use for work. In addition, you can use the app on the Apple Watch and create reminder notifications using it.