How to find out who has blocked calls and messages from you on your iPhone

Have you ever wondered if someone has blocked calls and messages from you? On iPhone, you can block

calls, messages and contacts. I wonder who could block you? You can try to find out this in several ways, and below we will talk about them.

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If the user has blocked you, then he will not receive your calls, messages, or even notifications about them. IPhone does not respond to blocked calls.

Method 1: Try to call the suspect

If someone blocked you, then when you try to make a call, you will hear only one beep or you won’t hear at all, and after that - a message that the subscriber is unavailable.

If the user has voicemail, the call will be immediately redirected to it. In this case, you can leave your voice message, and the user can even listen to it if desired.



If you hear a few beeps and then are redirected to voicemail, then most likely you were not blocked.

Getting into voicemail does not mean that the user has blocked you. This can also happen for the following reasons:

  • The user is talking to someone else.
  • The user is in a place with a low signal level or no access to the network at all.
  • The user's smartphone is disconnected or rebooted.
  • There was a problem accessing the network on the user's iPhone.
  • Communication problems.
  • The user is in the Do Not Disturb mode. In this case, try to call again, and the call may go away.
  • The user manually sent your call to voicemail.

Method 2: Send a message to the suspect

You can also try sendinguser message. If the message “delivered” or “read” does not appear under the sent message, you may have been blocked. But this does not apply to all cases.

If the message was delivered and read, youdefinitely not blocked. You can completely disable such notifications from yourself, so you can’t guess right here. The only option is to ask the suspect in person.

If the message is not sent the first time, the cause may be communication problems, etc. This does not mean that the user has blocked you.

If the message is not blue, but green, then it is just SMS, not iMessage.

Is there any way to find out for sure?

There is no exact way to find out who blocked youon your iPhone if you don’t have access to the suspect’s blocked list. However, you can try to figure it out by the methods listed above.

If any of your friends or family haveiPhone, you can check the methods yourself. Add their number to the blocked ones, and then dial yourself or send a message from their smartphone. Our methods will be confirmed. Just remember to unlock the number after that.