How to Improve the Sound of AirPods

AirPods came out about a year ago. Buyers are very pleased with the headphones and speak well of them, but their

the only drawback is that the sound is not good enough for true music lovers.

Fortunately, a life hack video has appeared on YouTube to help improve the sound of AirPods.



There is no magic here, but the sound quality can really become noticeably better. Life hack consists in the use of foam tips, which previously covered many headphones.

The poor sound is due to the fact that the headphones do not fit snugly to your ear. AirPods can be very lightweight and comfortable, but when the ear is loose in contact with the ear, audio quality is lost.

Using a pair of foam tips, which are also white, you can improve the contact and thereby the sound quality. Below you can see for yourself everything on the video with instructions.

You have to work to make everything work, but this way AirPods will not only sound better, but will also stop falling out of the case.