How to install tvOS public beta on Apple TV

Apple’s beta program allows regular users to install beta versions of iOS, macOS and tvOS on their

devices without a developer account.

The process of installing public beta versions on iPhone, iPad and Mac using a software update or the Mac App Store is quite complicated and requires certain settings.



Fortunately, join the beta programtvOS is much easier, it only requires a couple of mouse clicks. Next, we’ll show you how to install tvOS public beta on your fourth-generation Apple TV.

How to install a public beta tvOS on Apple Tv

Before installing the beta version on your device, you need to register in the Apple Beta Program and connect your Apple TV so that it can receive updates.

one) Go to via a web browser and click on the blue button Sign up bottom of the screen.



2) Enter your Apple username and password to register with the Apple Beta Program.

3) Read the agreement and then click on the blue button Accept from below.

four) Congratulations, you have just become a public beta tester! Now you need to enter the same Apple ID on your Apple TV. Go to Settings → Accounts.

five) Under the line with Apple ID Sign in to one of your accounts (iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store or Game Center) using the same Apple ID that you entered to register for the program.

6) Now go to Settings → System → Software Update on your device, and you will notice that a new option has appeared Get Public Beta Updates. Click on it using Siri Remote Touch and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

7) Your Apple TV will now automatically receive the latest public beta versions of tvOS. If your settings are enabled Automatic update, The device immediately downloads and installs the public beta version of tvOS.

As before, you can manually check tvOS beta updates by going to Settings → System → Software Update on your Apple TV.

Common warning: Do not install beta updates on devices that you use to work. There may be bugs in tvOS beta versions, so the device may not work properly and may not support some applications.