How to install iOS 11 Beta 10 without a developer account and a computer

Just a couple of days after the release of the ninth beta, Apple also released the tenth. Judging by the postscript to

update, it contains bug fixes and improvements.

Besides fixing bugs in iOS 11 beta 10 is not soso many changes. In several recent updates, Apple has redesigned the App Store and Maps icons, added new animations when unlocking. In addition, the function "do not disturb while driving." The update also contains the new Safari bookmark and read list synchronization system. Problems with the Bluetooth button and 3D Touch have been fixed.



Fortunately, like previous beta versions, this one can also be downloaded without a developer account and without a computer.

If you are upset that you do not have an accountdeveloper, and you can’t install iOS 11, you will be pleased with an easy way to get a beta version for developers without it. Moreover, the steps do not require the use of a computer, and you only need your iPhone or iPad. Or you can sign up for the beta program. The release of public iOS 11 beta 8 is expected in a day or two.

How to install iOS 11 Beta 10 without a developer account



If you have already installed iOS 11 beta:

  • Reinstall the iOS Beta Software profile by clicking this link.
  • Note: If the download link fails, try an alternative one. Select the iOS 11 Beta option and install an updated profile.
  • Press on Download.
  • On the profile setup screen, select Install.
  • Reboot the device, and after rebooting you will see the iOS 11 Beta 10 update file when you go to Settings > General> Software Update and click download and install.

If this is your first time installing iOS 11 beta:

Step 1: From your device, follow this link. Open it in Safari, not another browser or application.

  • If you’re having problems with the link, you can download the profile from Google Drive.

Step 2: Choose the iOS 11 (Beta 10) option.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the advertisement page. Skip it and download the profile.

Step 4: Next, you will be directed to the “iOS Beta Software Profile” profile, you will need to click To install three times and select reboot.

Step 5: When your iPhone or iPad completes the reboot, go to Settings> General> Software Update, and the iOS 11 beta update file must be available for download. If the update does not appear, wait a couple of minutes and try again. If this does not work, reboot the device again.

After downloading the update file “over the air”, install it like any other iOS update.