How to fix the lack of sound during a call on iPhone

The iPhone is able to perform many functions, however, its main goal is still the adoption and

making calls. However, even new-generation smartphones such as the iPhone have disadvantages. Often, iPhone users are faced with the fact that during a conversation either they don’t hear their interlocutor or they don’t hear them. This problem is relevant even among owners of the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Fortunately, iPhone audio issues are easy to fix.

How to fix the lack of sound during a call on iPhone:

No sound during a call: checking the volume level

In order to check the set levelvolume on your iPhone, use the volume buttons located on the sidebar. Thus, before making or making calls, check the set volume level on your device.



Cleaning the headset jack and pin connector

Using soft, dry cleaning wipes,Clean the headset jack and contact jack for any dirt or foreign objects. If you cannot delete the detected object yourself, contact the Apple Store service center.

IPhone speaker cleaning

IPhone talk speaker is affecteddirt and dust. Clearing the spoken speaker is an effective way to troubleshoot issues related to the lack of sound on your device during a call. Use a small, sharp, non-metallic object (such as a toothpick) to remove dust and dirt from the receiver, and a toothbrush with a soft bristle is also suitable for cleaning. In addition, this method of cleaning the speaker can be an effective preventative measure.

Check the mute button

Make sure the mute button is notenabled on iPhone. If you see an orange bar next to the button, the sound on the device is muted. Turn on the sound of the incoming call by switching the silent mode button. Then adjust the volume.



Reboot iPhone

Rebooting iPhone is one of the mostEffective ways to resolve any problems on your device, including those related to the lack of sound. To reboot, turn the iPhone off and on again.

Erase content and settings

Use this option only as a last resort. To delete all content on your device and reset, go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase content and settings. Make sure you back up data on your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud before resetting.
That's all! We hope this solves your problem of no sound during a call on the iPhone. If you have any other solutions, share them in the comments!