How could Apple improve the iPhone?

If you've been following the news, you've probably heard that iPhone sales are falling. This is due to many

factors, but the main reason is that users need new features.

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The average cost of the iPhone has gone up from previous years. While the improved quality justifies the high cost, Apple has been struggling to convince people of this.

Below, we'll discuss 10 ways Apple could make the iPhone better and justify its cost.

1) USB-C connector



To delight its customers, Apple could finally replace the Lightning connector with USB-C.

Carry two different cables with you - for chargingMacBook Pro and iPad Pro - and another one for charging the iPhone is not so convenient. Many people would prefer to use one universal cable, and a USB-C connector would help to achieve this.

2) Powerful battery

Compared to Android flagships, iPhone batteries are not very powerful and need to be fixed.

Despite the frugality of the iOS system, smallthe battery is not enough for such a powerful smartphone. Imagine the possibilities of your iPhone with a powerful battery and a charger that easily lasts all day.

Apple could have made the battery removable for easier and cheaper repairs, but we don't even hope for that.

3) Front camera

The iPhone has a great camera, but only the main one. The front camera needs improvement.

If you remember, immediately after leaving the frontalthe iPhone XS / XS Max camera generally used a "beauty filter" for selfies. Apple later resolved the issue with updating the system. But the company could add such a mode to iOS as one of the options.

The front camera could also get more zoom functions that only the main one has.

Plus, more megapixels would be nice.

4) Expandable memory



They talk about it over and over again and won't stopuntil Apple hears a comment. By buying yourself an iPhone, you doom yourself to a lack of free memory. This problem could be easily solved by adding a slot for a micro-SD card with a capacity of up to 400GB.

Apple has set the highest price for models withmaximum memory, although micro-SD could be much cheaper. What's more, photographers would appreciate being able to use multiple memory cards and not worry about constantly deleting old pictures.

Many smartphones have memory card slots. If Apple added it too, the iPhone would be much more attractive.

5) Fast wireless charging

It's good that Apple has finally added to the iPhonewireless charging, but she did it much later than the others. Some Android smartphones support 10 or even 15 Watt wireless charging, while the iPhone is only capable of 7.5W.

Fast wireless charging would be very convenient, because you would no longer have to search for a charging cable in a panic when your smartphone is about to turn off.

Plus, speeding up wireless charging is easy for Apple, given the 10W standard.

6) Screen notch

The notch has been the cause of much controversy since Apple released the iPhone X. Nowadays, almost all modern smartphones have one, but Apple still hasn't made it any smaller.

Love or hate the notch, it is unlikely to disappear from the iPhone screen in the near future.

However, the company could make it smaller and prettier, as well as optimize the system for its availability.

7) Dark Mode

Dark Mode in macOS Mojave looks very nice. Maybe you should add the same to your iPhone? (No, smart inversion doesn't count!)

With Dark Mode, the interface not only looks more modern, but it also reduces eye strain in the evening and at night.



In addition, on smartphones with OLED displays, dark mode helps conserve battery power.

8) Bulging chamber



For some reason, Apple thought it was a good idea to replace the flat-back design on the iPhone with a bulging main camera. The same goes for the new iPads.

If you put your smartphone on a table without a cover, it won't lie motionless, but wobble. This is especially disliked by those who wear it without a case.

It would be great if the camera didn't stick out on the new iPhones.

9) Return of Touch ID

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, it became clear that Face ID was the future. Unfortunately, the face recognition feature is not perfect yet.

Sometimes face recognition just doesn't work. Everyone has encountered this at least once. The Touch ID scanner had to be cleaned regularly, but it was still easier to unlock the iPhone with it.

A lot of users are hungry for the return of Touch ID. On newer models, it could be built right into the display.

It's unlikely that Apple is going to bring Touch ID back, but it would be nice to have the choice between Face ID and Touch ID on its smartphone.

10) Cloud storage

ICloud is the answer to our requests for more storage, but the company only provides 5GB of storage for free.

This is not enough even for a smartphone backup, not to mention the photos. Sure, you can buy extra memory, but why pay for what you could get for free?

More free storage is available in other cloud storage.

Apple should either increase the amount of free iCloud storage or add integration with other cloud storages.

iPhone is a delightful smartphone, and many do notwould change it for one other. However, this does not mean that it does not have its own shortcomings. Hopefully, in the future, Apple will listen to users and fix at least some of them.