China's Shenzhou 16 mission sets a historic achievement - 17 people are in space at the same time

China and the United States are planning to create stations on the Moon and Mars. Thus, beyond our planet there will be

there are relatively many people. But this will not happen soon. So far, there are usually about a dozen people in space at the same time, but a new record was recently set.

What is known

A historic achievement has been achievedthanks to the Chinese Shenzhou 16 mission and the commercial Axiom Mission 2. Due to the coincidence of schedules, there are now 17 inhabitants of the Earth in space at the same time.

SpaceX Crew-6:

  • Stephen Bowen;
  • Warren Hoburg;
  • Sultan Al Neyadi;
  • Andrey Fedyaev.

Soyuz MS-22:

  • Sergei Prokopiev;
  • Dmitry Petelin;
  • Francisco Rubio.

Axiom Mission 2:

  • Peggy Whitson (Peggy Whitson);
  • Ali Alqarni;
  • John Shoffner;
  • Rayana Barnawi.

Shenzhou 15:

  • Fei Junlong;
  • Zhang Lu;
  • Deng Qingming.

Shenzhou 16:

  • Jing Haipeng;
  • Gui Haichao;
  • Zhu Yanzhu.

Chinese astronauts are at Tingong station.The Soyuz MS-22, SpaceX Crew-6 and Axiom Mission 2 crews are working on the International Space Station (ISS). Note that the four astronauts of the commercial mission will soon go to Earth.

Before the launch of Shenzhou 16, there were 14 astronauts in space. This is the previous record. In addition, the same number of people were on the ISS and the Chinese Tingong station in the fall of 2021.