The Chinese began to exterminate wasps using drones with flamethrowers

Chinese volunteers, in cooperation with the residents of Zhong village, raised funds for the purchase of a drone to

using it to exterminate the wasps. For this, the drone was equipped with a gas tank with a nozzle.

To create a flamethrower drone, we managed to collectabout 80 thousand yuan or 12.2 thousand dollars. Blue Sky volunteers equipped the drone with a gas tank and a special attachment. The drone flies over large hives, and the operator at this moment clicks the ignition switch, thereby releasing fire onto the hive. More than 100 hives are supposed to be destroyed in this way.

The villagers were pleased thatgot rid of the worry about wasp bites. However, the work to eliminate the hives has not yet been completed. According to published data, the volunteers destroyed about 11 hives, and more than 100 remained.