Classics are out of fashion: critics greeted the remake of the cult game System Shock coolly, pointing out the lack of innovation

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Tomorrow, May 30, will be the release of a remake of the cult game System Shock, which was released in 1994 and forever

changed the approach to creating story games.

On the eve of the release published reviews of critics on the updated game Warren Spector (Warren Spector), which was developed by Nightdive Studios.

What is known

The game has a score of 74 on Metacritic and 73 onOpencritic (recommended by 65% ​​of reviewers). Having studied the various opinions left on the aggregators, we can state that the remake turned out to be too verbatim, so many elements of the 1994 game look outdated and unnecessary.

Fans will love the System Shock remakeoriginal game, but whether it will interest a new audience is a question. In addition, reviewers point to a number of technical shortcomings and too few innovations.

На фоне современных игр жанра Immersive sim System Shock Remake будет выглядеть архаично и однообразно.

When to expect

The PC version of the System Shock remake will be available on May 30, while the release date for the console versions remains unnamed.

Source: Metacritic