When will Apple release iOS 9.3?

Apple released the first beta of iOS 9.3 on January 12th. Since then, six more beta versions have been released, the last of

which, iOS 9.3 beta 7, was released on March 14th.

Perhaps the most loud feature of the comingupdates can be called Night Shift mode, for which they recently screwed the switch in the Control Center. Night Shift based on data on the time and location of the device with the onset of dark time of the day automatically changes the display color to warmer and reduces the intensity of the shades of blue, thereby reducing the load on the user's eyes.



Also, the new version of iOS offers us the opportunitypassword lock and configure access to them by Touch ID, modified News, new quick 3D Touch actions for stock applications such as Settings, Weather, Health, Compass, iTunes Store and App Store, the function of duplicating live photos in the form of a static, various application improvements Health, Apple Music support in CarPlay and a completely new Classroom application that allows several students to log in using their Touch ID and use the same device with individually configured profiles.

A huge number of beta versions have been released foriOS 9.3 despite the fact that the list of new features and changes is not so extensive. These beta tweaks made minor improvements to the Night Shift feature and other minor fixes; perhaps the most significant of these is the addition of a switch for Night Shift in the Control Center. In comparison, only six beta versions were needed to prepare for the release of iOS 9, a very extensive update with over a hundred new features.

When will iOS 9.3 come out?

The question naturally arises: when will Apple stop beta and publicly release a new version of the mobile OS? Judging by the company's habit of releasing software at the same time as the events at which its products are presented, there is almost complete certainty that iOS 9.3 will be released the day after tomorrow, March 21, immediately after the spring Apple event “Let us loop you in”. It can be assumed that the event will present this update. It is also expected that tvOS 9.2, watchOS 2.2, and OS X 10.11.4, also in beta, will be released at the same time.


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