Commands: how to create a folder with all your commands

Using the Commands app in iOS 12, you can create long chains of commands that will be executed

automatically. You can manage them in the Commands application, but displaying the commands as a list is quite difficult. Fortunately, for this there is a special command in the form of a virtual folder, in which you can add your own commands, and then quickly run them from there.

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Easy Folder: folder with teams

Easy Folder is a convenient way to display a folderwith your teams. This is not a real folder. Easy Folder simply saves a text file to a folder in iCloud Drive, which contains a list of your commands. This is all displayed as a menu with a list.

Easy Folder does not make copies of your commands, butjust uses a text file to display them. You can add and remove commands from the menu yourself by editing the text document Shortcuts.txt.



To download a command, follow this link from your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 or later, and then click the blue button Receive quick the team. When prompted to open the file in Commands, click "Open." The Easy Folder team will be imported into your teams.

Select tab Library at the bottom of the application screen, and then click on the command Easy folderto run it. Now press the button Edit and Add, and then select your commands that you want to add to the folder.

When you run the Easy Folder command again,you will already see a list of all your added commands. Click on one of them to execute it. This is a great way to quickly access your favorite teams.

To remove a command from the list, click the button again Edit and Remove, and then select the commands you want to delete and click Is done. File Shortcuts.txt in iCloud Drive will be updated according to your actions.

Note: Easy Folder can also be opened from the home screen, via the Share menu and through widgets.

how tune Easy folder

Easy Folder can be customized to your liking, just like any other command.



Open application Teamsselect tab Libraryand then click three dots icon in the upper right corner of the Easy Folder command. Now you need to click on the icon with the switches in the upper right corner of the screen.



To change the name of the folder where the Shortcuts.txt file will be saved, change it when saving the command. You can also click Set up a quick command in the edit menu.

By clicking on the settings icon, which looks like in the screenshot below, you can change various characteristics of the team.

  • Name: Enter your name for the team.
  • Icon: Select the command icon that will be displayed on the home screen.
    • Colour: Change the color of the icon.
    • Glyph: Select the icon to be displayed on the icon.
    • Home screen: Use a new or existing photo for the icon.
  • To add for Siri: To execute a command with a Siri voice command, you need to record and save it.
  • Show in widget: Add a command to the Today screen with widgets.
  • Show on export: Choose a team from different applications through the "Share" menu.
  • Add to Home Screen: Add a team icon to your home screen for quick access.

How to add a command to the home screen

If you select an option Add to Home Screen, the command will open in Safari. The page will contain instructions for adding a command to the home screen. Just click the Share icon and select To the Home screenand then select a name for the icon and click To add.

You can remove the Easy Folder command from the home screen, but this will only remove its icon. If you want to delete the command itself, you will need to do this in the Command application library.