The end of a 26-year tradition: PlayStation 5 will make X a confirmation button in Japan

Going through Japanese RPGs, gamers in the US and Europe have to relearn how to control. Due to cultural

features, games in the homeland of anime use Oto confirm and X to cancel. Therefore, Japanese gamers have to get used to it again, launching projects of Western companies. With the release of the PlayStation 5, this "problem" will be resolved.

You will have to get used to it again

According to Famitsu (via Dualshockers), Sonyunifies the layout for PlayStation consoles, making X the default button to confirm and O to cancel. They made this decision to save Japanese players the headache when the system and game controls are different.

At home, Sony has been using O to confirm and X to cancel for 26 years, so gamers will have to retrain their muscle memory.

There are already critics of this idea on Twitter, butJapanese gamers are likely to get used to it quickly. Both Apex Legends and Dead by Daylight are popular in the homeland of anime, but they use a standard "world" layout with X confirmation. Some gamers will find it easier to get used to the change.

In addition, unification will make life easier for developers,because now the studios solve the issue with the layout in their own way. For example, Marvel's Spider-Man takes into account system settings, while Persona 4 Golden captures controls depending on the region of the game itself. Hotline Miami for PS Vita looks at the region of the console when determining control.

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