The space prison will become even more terrible: The Callisto Protocol has a mode of increased difficulty

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The developers of The Callisto Protocol from the Studio Striking Distance have released another update for the horror.

What is known

Now the game has a mode of increased difficulty, which will make the initially difficult game even tougher.

In Hardcore Mode, players have significantly fewer resources, ammo and money available, and enemies will become stronger, there will be many more of them, and their mutations will occur faster.

After completing the standard campaign in hardcore mode, a more difficult version of New Game+ will become available to gamers.

Hardcore Mode is now available on all platforms.

In addition, gamers are waiting for additional achievements, and buyers of the season pass will receive a special set of The Outer Way skins.

In addition, the developers have fixed a number of The Callisto Protocol bugs, including those related to localization and ray tracing.