The largest magnetic storm will allow you to see the northern lights from Moscow

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that on December 9 or 10, magnetic

the storm can cause the northern lights, whichcan be seen from unusual regions - for example, from Moscow. Meteorologists report this on the Astro Photo Swamp telegram channel. This outburst coincides with the beginning of the 25th solar cycle, a period of 11 years in which storm phenomena appear on the surface of solar peaks and solar storms appear.

A large number of sunspots are accompanied byother manifestations of solar activity: X-ray flares, coronal mass ejections or coronal holes. These phenomena lead to disturbances that affect the Earth's magnetic field, generating geomagnetic storms and auroras.

The sun is located at a distance of 147 million km. from the Earth, but disturbances on its surface can have serious consequences throughout the solar system.

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For example, November 29 at the western extremityThe suns spotted an M4.4 class flare. This is the strongest outbreak recorded in three years of observation. It is possible that the power was even higher, since the center of the explosion was on the opposite side of the Sun, invisible from the Earth.

On December 10, scientists recorded an outbreak of C7.4 -this is relatively weak power, but since it was directed directly towards our planet, the flare-up flare triggered a coronal mass ejection, a cloud of charged particles, towards the planet.

The first disturbances in the Earth's magnetosphere will beginin the morning of December 9, 2020. The main core of the solar plasma cloud will reach the Earth on the night of December 10, 2020. A geomagnetic storm will begin, which may last more than a day. High-energy particles that emerge from sunspots and are directed towards Earth can cause high-frequency radio interference, communication and power failures on our planet.

The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder emphasizes that the aurora borealis can reach regions where the phenomenon would normally not be seen.

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