The iconic Company of Heroes came out on iPhone and Android, and even works on budget smartphones

Great strategy games continue to populate the App Store and Google Play, with Company of Heroes joining the game library today.

of Heroes for smartphones

The original strategy came out back in 2006, andnow it has reached smartphones. The iPad version has been available since February, and now you can play Company of Heroes on smaller devices. The porting was handled not by Relic, but by Feral Interactive, and they coped pretty well: the App Store rating is 4.1, and Google Play users put it at 4.7.

Owners of devices not able to play on the iPhoneworse than 6S, and even Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro can run the Android version. One of the users actually plays on Redmi Note 8t. For a complete list of devices, see the game pages in the App Store and Google Play.

In both stores, Company of Heroes is priced at $ 15, and there are no in-game purchases. Gamers can only download additional missions and maps for free.

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