1.3 billion tons of plastic will be in the environment by 2040

According to researchers at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, University of Oxford, University of Leeds and

For Common Seas, tackling plastic bags and disposable cocktail tubes will not be enough to stop pollution.

To reduce waste, toughermeasures such as improving waste collection and disposal systems, especially in developing countries, reducing plastic consumption and investment in alternative materials, and reducing imports of plastic waste.

The report says that more than 1.3 billion tonsplastic waste will end up in nature and pollute land, rivers and oceans over the next 20 years without decisive action. Almost 11 million tons of plastic were dumped into the ocean in 2016, researchers say. This volume may increase to 29 million tons per year in the next 20 years.

Measures taken today in allindustries that are not efficient enough, they can reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean by only 7% by 2040. Better methods are paper or compostable alternatives to single-use plastics, and packaging needs to be more than doubled to increase the percentage of recyclable material, the study said.

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