Best Pokemon Go Spoofing App

The console game Pokemon Go quickly entered the top list among gamers. However, catching Pokemon by the rules is not

always want to. And here all sorts of ideas come to the rescue, how to cheat the game and change your geolocation in order to catch as many Pokémon as possible. Let's reveal the secret - there is already such a Pokemon Go spoofing application on iOS. And this is iMyFone AnyTo from the developers we already know.

In fact, it can be used not only inwithin this game, but also when you have any need to trick your phone by changing the location. For example, if you need to hide your geodata, on social networks, if you need to prank someone, etc.

Next, we'll show you how to change your location on iPhone using iMyFone AnyTo.

So, we suggest you use a reliablesoftware for spoofing Pokemon Go. If you are not yet in the subject, then briefly summarize the meaning of using this utility. The Pokemon Go game is known to work on the principles of augmented reality. In the new reality, you have to run, search and catch Pokemon, which means you have to visit as many places as possible. In order to somehow facilitate this busy way of achieving the goal for yourself, you can go for a trick and simply change the location on your phone, thereby deceiving the Pokemon Go game. In this tricky way, you can simply sit in one place and catch Pokemon all over the city without leaving your home.

Naturally, the developers of the popular game took care of this and put a number of protections. But still, there was the same method for the iPhone, which allows you to change geodata in Pokemon Go.

Now on to the detailed guide to using the iMyFone AnyTo.

Instruction manual

Let's take a closer look at how to change GPS geolocation to iPhone / iPad to simulate GPS movement. A few simple steps will allow you to do this as quickly as possible:

  1. Download the iMyFone AnyTo program from the official website to your computer, and then complete the installation. Next, run the utility and move on to the next step.
  2. With a USB cable, you must connect youriPhone / iPad to your computer and then press “trust” on your phone as soon as you are prompted to do so. You will also need to enter an access code to complete the process.
  3. Next, the map will start loading, on which you can then see your geolocation (the mark where you are at the moment).
  4. Now for the fun part: by changing the scale using the third button in the right corner, you can specify a new point yourself or even enter the desired address (coordinates). After reviewing the detailed description of the geolocation (name, distance, exact coordinates), click on the "move" button and you will automatically be virtually already at a new geolocation point on your iPhone.

I can't even believe how to change GPS on my iPhonecan be so easy. How to get back the true geolocation? To do this, you just need to restart your phone or tablet and the location will automatically return. You can also always view your geolocation history in iMyFone AnyTo and return to the desired location if necessary.

And now a few important nuances for the futureiMyFone AnyTo users. The regular price of this utility is $ 49.95, but it can now be purchased for as little as $ 31.96. Use promo code PROMO20 to purchase a one-year license. The program can be used on both Windows and Mac.