Best Travel Planning App on iPhone

When planning a trip, be it a vacation or a business trip, you need to make sure that you take everything with you

necessary. Nowadays, the application on your smartphone will help best with this.

Below we have put together the best apps for you to help you plan your train and prepare for your trip.



  • Criteria and Functions
  • Packing list checklist
  • Packr Travel Packing Checklist
  • Packing pro

Criteria and Functions

  • Ability to create multiple lists: This is a very important feature for those who often travel on vacation and on business trips. The ability to create and save multiple lists at once will help you reuse them.
  • Recommended items and categories: When the application itself offers you to take something useful, it is very convenient. Why enter each item manually when you can simply select it from the list?
  • Ability to share lists: If you are going on vacation with your family or friends, it is great to be able to share your list with those who will go with you.

Packing list checklist

In the Packing List Checklist, you can select recommended items and add your own. You can choose things from many categories, such as: children, beach, photography, winter sports, swimming, etc.



The best functions Packing List Checklist:



  • Pack things by category. When you add things to your list, they will fall into separate categories, and it will be easier for you to collect them.
  • Create your categories. You can create your own categories and add your own things to them.
  • To-do lists. The bonus feature in the form of to-do lists will help you manage to do everything you need before the trip.

Packing List Checklist - Convenient and Simpleapplication in which you can share lists. You can delete things from the list with one swipe, edit lists and swap things. Best of all, all of these features are available for free.



  • Support: iPhone and iPad.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.

Packr Travel Packing Checklist

Another great free option - PackrTravel Packing Checklist. This application is different in that you can enter the date and direction of your trip. So you can immediately see what the weather will be like at this time. After that proceed to the compilation of the list.

The best functions Packr Travel Packing Checklist:

  • Create lists of activities or things. You can choose from the following categories: basic necessities, clothing, beach, etc. Things that you do not need, you can delete from categories with one swipe.
  • Sort things by packed and not packed. This is very convenient in order to keep track of what you have already taken and what not.
  • Additional functions. You can browse interesting places nearby, invite friends to travel planning and receive notifications.

If you need additional features, download the Packr Travel Packing Checklist. This is a great app for avid travelers.

  • Support: iPhone and iPad.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.

Packing pro

If you prefer to pay immediatelyapplication, and not make purchases already in it, then Packing Pro is for you. You can create and share several lists at once, add items to new categories and even add one list to another.

The best functions Packing Pro:

  • Add description to things. You can choose the quantity, weight and value of a thing. It can also be noted that the thing will need to be bought, its priority and even a small description should be added.
  • Lists of cases before, during and after the trip. You may need to inform your colleagues that you are leaving, book a table in a restaurant, or plan what you will need to do first thing after the trip.
  • Customize options under myself. You can use iCloud sync, import, export, backups. You can change the design of the application, create lists for other people, change the format of weight and currency, and much more.

Packing Pro is a paid application, but it costs its money. The application is simple, but contains all the necessary functions and even more.

  • Support: iPhone and iPad.
  • Price: 229 RUR

In preparation for the trip, you can not do without a list of what you need to take with you. We hope that the above applications will help you in your travel planning.