Best camera apps for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone line has great cameras. The iPhone X's camera is so good that it can replace the camera. Thanks new

lenses and optical image stabilization onsmartphone you can take great high quality pictures. There are many camera apps on the App Store for every taste. We tested almost all of them and realized that there are three of the best. Below we will talk about them.


VSCO remains the best camera for the iPhone. It combines a camera and a photo editor. Even the new interface and the VSCO X paid subscription do not interfere. The free version has everything you need to take beautiful photos. The VSCO interface is simple and intuitive, and the application is easy to use.



There are many settings available in the application. You can change the ISO, exposure and focus. You can even take photos in RAW format. But this is all optional, the VSCO auto mode looks great.

The same goes for the photo editor. VSCO filters are perfect for Instagram. In addition, you can change the brightness, contrast, exposure and much more.



how to do Vsco it's better

To some, the VSCO interface may seemuncomfortable. Firstly, the application does not open the camera immediately, which for many can be a minus. Secondly, you need to manually export the pictures to the Photos application. Both problems can be resolved by changing the settings.

On the last tab of the application, click on the settings icon (in the form of a gear), then go to Options and enable features Automatically save pictures to camera folder and Turn on the camera automatically.

Download: Vsco

2. Halide

There are dozens of apps that can shoot inRAW format. All of them are paid. If you plan to buy a camera application, we recommend only Halide. The application has a beautiful dark interface and very simple settings.

In addition, Halide has an excellent auto mode. You can take pictures in RAW format and not worry about their quality. Pictures will come out with great details and will be easy to process.

In iPhone X, on either side of the notchdisplays advanced options. The interface is built on the basis of sliders that are easy to use. Switch to manual mode and find even more settings. Select an option, adjust the slider, and the effect will be visible instantly.

Download: Halide (379 RUB.)



3. How to improve the standard Camera

The best camera for the iPhone still remainsStandard Camera. It can be opened directly from the lock screen and from the Control Center. It may not have many parameters, but it still has a lot of possibilities. By changing a few settings, you can make the Camera app better. To do this, go to Settings -> Camera.

Now select Saving Settings and turn on Camera mode. By default, the camera opens every timemain camera in photo mode. If you often record videos, switching over and over can be inconvenient every time. This function will save the last mode you used.

Go back and turn on the function Grid. This will add a grid of 9 equal squares to the camera, with which you can align the horizon, etc. In addition, it activates a secret level.



If you have an iPhone X, you can record video in 4K at 60 frames / s. However, by default, the camera records video at 1080p at 30 frames / s. These settings can be changed in the application itself.

Bonus: Focos

Focos - a new application that can manageportrait mode. If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, the application definitely needs to be installed. In it you can edit the finished portrait shots. You can change the focus object and reduce or increase the blur of the background. Also in the application you can take portrait shots.

Download: Focos

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