The best iPhone apps for space exploration

Using applications, you can virtually travel the world, so why not take a trip to

space? If you are fond of astronomy or just want to learn more about space, we have some great applications for you that will help with this.

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Below you will find the best applications for the iPhone, in which you can follow the stars and the movement of the planets, find out details about the constellations, etc.


Who knows more about space than NASA? The NASA application has news, images, videos, as well as broadcasts and radio shows about space and everything connected with it.



The best functions NASA:

  • follow the news and easily share them with your friends.
  • View pictures from space and celebrate your favorites.
  • See 4K and 360 degree videosthat will take you directly to space.
  • Follow the launch schedule rockets and more.

The NASA application will notify you of interesting events, show a snapshot of the day, etc. You will always be up to date with the latest news from space.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Kindle Fire, Fire TV, Roku, website.
  • Price: Is free

Star Walk 2 Ads +: Star Map



Grant Star Walk 2 access to your location and point your iPhone at the sky. You will see constellations, planets and other space objects with signatures.

The best functions Star Walk 2:

  • Look for specific objects, like constellations, planets and satellites.
  • Zoom in screen for detailed viewing.
  • Use function Sky Live to view the position of stars, the sun and the moon for the coming days.
  • Receive notifications about interesting events.

Star Walk 2 is a great app that will show you what interesting objects are above you. In the free version there is an advertisement that can be removed by buying a paid one.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android and Windows.
  • Price: Is free + paid version.

Star chart

Star Chart is similar to Star Walk 2 in that you can view space objects above you.

The best functions Star Chart:

  • Look for specific objects: planets, stars, constellations, etc.
  • Zoom in for a detailed view.
  • Keep track of the calendar upcoming events.
  • Use Augmented Reality Mode.

This is another good application in which space exploration is very interesting. In addition, there is no advertising in it.

  • Support: iPhone and iPad.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.


The SkySafari app has a great sky map as well as nice music. You can view the constellations, planets, etc. It even has several viewing modes.

The best functions SkySafari:

  • Look for distant objectslike stars, comets and planets.
  • Browse the details about objects.
  • Move forward in time and see how the position of the objects changes.
  • Use Augmented Reality Mode and Compass.

SkySafari is similar to other applications, but it has excellent detailing of objects in the sky.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.

If you are fascinated by stars and constellations, the sun and moon, planets and other objects, then the above applications will help you learn more about them.