The best fitness bracelets 2019: what to buy this year

Just a few years ago, people didn’t even know what fitness bracelets were, and they simply didn’t exist. Today

it is one of the most popular wearable gadgets.Over the past year or two, the range of smart bracelets has grown noticeably, and along with it, prices have dropped, and the functionality has become very extensive. Today, the cheapest fitness bracelets for ten dollars can do what only expensive flagships were capable of at the dawn of the market. Now the functionality of bracelets is approximately the same as that of smart watches, many models easily communicate with smartphones, activity monitoring is very diverse, and the devices have satellite navigation modules to track the owner’s movements.

Which bracelet to choose

To make the right choice, consider a number offactors, and the first point is the purpose of the purchase. Find out for yourself why you need a bracelet, do you want to swim, monitor jogging or monitor sleep, or overall activity? Some want to make a replacement for a bulky smartphone, not so much as an alternative, but not always had to carry it with them. Here it is worth paying attention to the advancement of sports functions, to water resistance, to the ability to display notifications coming to a smartphone. In addition, you need to consider the budget, how much you are willing to spend. There are many budget options with good features, there are very advanced, but expensive models. So, here are the top three models that are most often bought.

Xiaomi Mi Band3

Need an inexpensive bracelet? So you should pay attention to Xiaomi products. The third generation Mi Band can boast a huge number of functions, but the cost does not exceed two thousand rubles, or even lower. The device weighs no more than 20 grams, the user will not even feel this weight. The screen here is monochrome (we’ll not watch a movie on it), 0-78-inch OLED matrix. With a smartphone, the bracelet communicates via “blue-tooth”, supports both mobile platforms.

Moisture protection on the IP68 gadget. That is, diving deep in it will not work, but you can swim, and also transfers souls without problems. From the functional, he has a pedometer, an alarm clock (and therefore a clock), he monitors the phases of sleep, measures the pulse and calculates the loss of calories. In reach of a smartphone, it displays notifications about mail, SMS, calls, as well as messages from instant messengers and social networks. You can reject the call.

HUAWEI Band 3Pro

Another model from the Chinese manufacturer, inthis time HUAWEI, supports both mobile platforms, that is, it can work with any smartphone. There is a satellite navigation module that helps to monitor the route on jogging and walking, there is a pulse meter that can work continuously. The data collected is transferred to the smartphone in a special application that analyzes everything, builds graphs and makes recommendations. The screen here is a color, 0.95-inch AMOLED matrix. The bracelet software includes templates that recognize problems with falling asleep, waking up and sleeping in general.

Garmin vivosport

This bracelet is more advanced, Vivosport receivedmany sporting functions and features. It perfectly monitors everything you need while jogging. There is a satellite navigation module to monitor jogging routes, bike rides without a smartphone. At the same time, it calculates VO2 max for runners, which is very useful for active athletes, since it is necessary to know the amount of oxygen absorbed by the lungs, because it shows the level of functional training in general.

Also, the bracelet monitors the level of stress, withhe gives recommendations when to take a break. The gadget has the ability to control music on a smartphone. Great thing when you have wireless headphones. This bracelet has the most accurate pedometer, a stylish design that will suit both a girl and a young man.