Top Features and Features of the Apple Watch Series 5

The new Apple Watch Series 5 has pretty much changed in terms of design compared to the Series 4. Apple finally

added to its smart watch a function that we have been waiting for many years - the always-on display. Below about it and about all the others in more detail.

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1. Always on display

The most important feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 isalways on display. We have been waiting for it since the very first Apple Watch, and Apple finally managed to add it. To do this, the company used a new technology that works with the processor and display. It highlights only parts of the display, thereby not consuming much energy.

Now you will always see time and information.extensions on the screen of your smart watch, and you don’t have to lift your wrist for this. This is very convenient during training and in other situations when there is no way to move your hands.



The screen also fades and becomes brighter when you move your hand.

2. New S5 processor

The new Apple Watch Series 5 runs on the S5 processor, which contains all the elements necessary for the operation of a smart watch.

3. New W3 Wireless Chip

A new W3 chip has also appeared, with the help of which the Apple Watch Series 5 connects to other Apple devices easier and faster.

4. 32 GB of memory

Series 5 base memory has grown from 16 GB to 32 GB. This is a lot of memory for synchronizing podcasts, music and audio books that you can listen to without an iPhone.

5. Built-in compass

Like the iPhone, the Apple Watch now hasbuilt-in compass. With it, you can use the navigator right on the watch. You can also use the app with a compass on the screen for orientation.

6. Calling emergency services worldwide

Apple has taken emergency calling to a new level. Feature support is now available in 150 countries, even if you don’t have an iPhone.

7. Updated Map application

The Maps application supports the built-in compass, which means it has navigation on the Apple Watch. You can recognize the road directly through the screen of your watch.

8. Titanium case

A new version of the Apple Watch with a titanium case has appeared. There are two versions - standard titanium and black. The black version looks especially beautiful.

9. White ceramic model

The Series 5 is again available with a ceramic body, but only one color - white. With such a case, the Apple Watch looks as elegant as possible.

10. New Hermes and Nike + models

As usual, the Hermes and Nike + models appeared with new straps and dials. Nike + models will not be available until October.

Bonus: new straps

Apple has added a huge new collection of straps for the Apple Watch Series 5: leather, sports, silicone, etc. In addition, many of them are available in new colors.