McDonald's opens the world's first zero-electricity restaurant

The world's first zero-electricity McDonald's restaurant opens in Florida, USA.

The institution fully supports itself with the help of renewable energy sources.

The total area of ​​the restaurant is 745 square metersmeters. They have a kitchen, an order picking area, a dining area, a car cafe, a covered terrace and others. The building has a V-shaped roof. It is covered with solar panels. According to calculations, they will generate 704.7 thousand kWh per year. In addition, photovoltaic glass panels are installed throughout the building.

The issue with temperature regulation is also solved in an unusual way. 65% of the days a year the restaurant uses natural ventilation. When the air conditioner needs to be turned on, automatic blinds are activated.

Outside, the walls of McDonald's are covered with living plants that purify the air and retain moisture.