MegaFon leaves Internet unlimited when purchasing 3 GB of Internet

MegaFon has a new service "Internet 3 GB". It allows you to use the Internet unlimited in

messengers and social networks.

The service costs five rubles a day. The user buys, in fact, 3 GB of traffic, but for this he also gets unlimited Internet for instant messengers WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, eMotion, Facebook Messenger, TamTam, Snapchat, etc. And most importantly, when using them, traffic from the 3 GB package not consumed.

If the package cannot be used to the end, thenthe balance is carried over to the next month. However, there is a nuance here. First, this next month, the monthly traffic volume is consumed first. Only then can the saved traffic be used. Unfortunately, the leftovers cannot be transferred beyond one month.

If the package of 3 GB is still exhausted, the messengers will continue to work as they did, and the speed in other services will drop to 64 Kbps.