MegaFon completely renewed tariffs

Mobile operator MegaFon has completely renewed its tariff line. analyzed


In different regions the tariffs of the "No overpayments" line may differ. For example, in Moscow there is no “Minimum” tariff. In general, the package names are clear and consistent with the content.

The new tariff line has protection againstunwanted subscriptions, the piggy bank of the Internet (gigabytes are saved and accumulated) and the availability of instant messengers with a zero balance. The author of the material clarified that the management of the "Moneybox" is carried out only through a personal account.

The line includes the following tariffs (for Moscow and the Moscow region):

  • "Internet without overpayments"; RUB 500 / month; 20 GB of the Internet, unlimited on social networks; 400 minutes of calls.
  • "No overpayments Calls"; 600 rubles / month; 5 GB internet; 800 minutes of calls.
  • "Everything without overpayments"; 600 rubles / month; 50 GB of internet; unlimited on social networks; 600 minutes of calls; 300 SMS.
  • "No overpayments Maximum"; 1000 rubles / month; unlimited internet; 1500 minutes of calls; 300 SMS.
  • "No overpayments VIP"; 1800 rubles / month; unlimited internet; 2500 minutes of calls; 300 SMS.
  • "No overpayments Premium"; 3,300 rubles / month; unlimited internet; 5000 minutes of calls; 300 SMS.

The author of the material noted that the updated tariffs "Internet", "Calls" and "Everything" really became better. He advised Muscovites to switch to them from the old tariffs.