Change the color of the widget with music using the CustomPlayer tweak

When you listen to music on the iPhone, a music widget appears on the lock screen. It displays

current track and main playback control buttons. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the widget.

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Fortunately, this does not apply to users with jailbreak. New free jailbreak tweak Customplayer allows you to change the colors of the widget with music as you like.

The screenshot above shows just a few examples of the tweak. You can choose any colors that you like.

After installing the tweak in the Settings, a new section will appear in which you can configure it:

Here you can:

  • Enable and disable CustomPlayer tweak.
  • Colorize the widget in one of the available colors.
  • Turn off the widget with music completely.
  • Choose a color for the widget.
  • Colorize the widget in a gradient.
  • Select two gradient colors.

The developer added a respring button to the section to apply the changes.

Not everyone likes to change the colors of the interface, but many. If you are one of them, then this tweak is for you.

CustomPlayer tweak can be downloaded for free from the Packix repository. It works on all devices with jailbreak iOS 12 and 13.