Ministry of Health named computer and video games harmful to children's psyche

The new bill establishes that it will be possible to conduct an examination, as well as assess their possible risk

for the psyche. You can study board and computer games, toys and playgrounds. This will be done by a specially created expert commission under the Ministry of Health.

The document proposes to consider as dangerous those that provoke:

  • threat to life or health, suicide, harm and violence;
  • the use of drugs, psychotropic substances, tobacco, alcohol;
  • scenes of sexual violence and pornographic nature, as well as sexual relations;
  • engaging in prostitution, vagrancy, begging and other illegal activities;
  • participation in gambling;
  • deaths in a form that degrades human dignity, injury, illness, accidents and disasters;
  • insulting the religious feelings of believers.

If toys are recognized as dangerous, a decision will be made to suspend their production.

The new project assumes that the authorities, public associations and citizens will initiate the examinations: the applicant must pay all costs.

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