Ministry of Defense wants to build military airfields from ice in the Arctic

He explained that heavy military transport aircraft Il-76 will land at such airfields. According to him,

the project will be called "Site" and will be intended for the continental territories of the Arctic.

The project involves the creation of prefabricatedice airfields. This is achieved by modifying the ice cover using special chemicals that allow aircraft to land on the prepared ice strip.

Evgeny Storozhuk. Vice-Rector for Economics and Innovation of the University

He noted that the strip is strong enough, andthe cracks that appear will be checked with fiber optic sensors. In the event of a thaw, the state of the ice rink will be maintained by freezing or adding reagents.

Controllers of such airfields will be able to workremotely, TASS reports. Now the technologies are being tested to confirm that our approaches are correct, Storozhuk said. He suggested that this stage will last a year.

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