Min-Chi Kuo: Banning and Removing WeChat from AppStore Will Cut iPhone Sales by 30%

Last week, US President Donald Trump signed decrees banning American companies

cooperate with Chinese ByteDance and Tencent,the owners of the TikTok service and the WeChat messenger, respectively. They should take effect in 45 days, on September 20. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told how this will turn out for Apple.

Why is it serious

According to the analyst, if the US reallywill introduce a ban, Apple will have to remove the WeChat application from the AppStore. This is perhaps the most popular platform in China, as it combines both a messenger and a payment tool. People who come to China must install WeChat, otherwise they will not be able to make even small purchases.

If this happens, iPhone sales will crash.and not only in the Middle Kingdom, but also in the global market. According to Kuo's forecast, in this case, iPhone sales will decrease by 25-30%, and other devices - by 15-25%.

But there is also a more optimistic forecast - in the event that WeChat is removed only from the American App Store. Then sales of smartphones will fall by 3-6%, other gadgets - by less than 3%.

By the way, this situation will play into the hands of Huawei, which is increasing sales through the solidarity of the Chinese and popularity in its home market.

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