Expert opinion: “iPhone 8 will come out not with a curved, but with a flat screen”

The authors of several previous reports published in The Wall Street Journal, Commercial Times, The Korea, Herald and Nikkei, as well as

senior suppliers (e.g. Sharp) andStudies by Barclays Research and KGI Securities suggested that the iPhone 8 will receive a 5.8-inch AMOLED display, protected by a curved 2.5D glass cover on the front panel. The same glass coating is implemented on the iPhone 6s and 7, which have slightly curved edges.

In contrast, some sources inMacRumors interviews say that the iPhone 8 will not have a curved, but a flat screen due to lower production costs and greater profitability of the latter option.



Heyn Markit analyst Wayne Lam suggestediPhone will produce a flat version of the OLED design, which, in his opinion, is similar to the 2.5D screen in today's iPhone 6s and 7. The analyst expects to see a 2: 1 aspect ratio in the new iPhone 8, which doubles the screen length exceeds its width.

“As with the recently announced LG G6, weWe expect the appearance of a screen with an extended aspect ratio. This will help increase the reach of the iPhone as a whole, ”says Lam, adding that such a new design could be the trend of 2017.

By the way, today's iPhone modelscharacterized by an aspect ratio of 16: 9. Creating a screen twice as long as wide can make the iPhone more ergonomic, although, of course, iOS users will first have to adapt to the unusual aspect ratio.



Raymond Display Technology SpecialistDisplayMate's Soneira explains that glass-based OLEDs “cost significantly less” and “are available in large volumes of production” compared to their curved counterparts made from a flexible plastic base.

The expert notes: “The iPhone 7 has a 2.5D screen with a flat glass LCD, so Apple can release a similar 2.5D OLED screen in large volumes at a lower price.”

Soneira and Lam are not alone in theirassumptions. TrendForce, a Chinese research firm, recently announced that Apple’s new premium smartphone will come with the iPhone 2.5D screen already known for today's models.

Do you think Apple is releasingAn iPhone 8 with a curved rather than a flat display like the Samsung Edge Series? If so, why? What are the benefits of a curved screen for iPhone users?

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