The Moscow platform for distance learning "lay down" on the first day of work

Journalist Alexander Plyushchev also shared information about the problem in his Telegram channel.


The "electronic diary" is on the morning of October 19,the parents of four students told the agency. When trying to get to the MES portal, the portal gave error 504 (Bad Gateway) for some of the parents, while others reported that the service was unavailable.

Representatives of the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) have not yet commented on the situation.

UPD: “On October 19, all Moscow schoolchildren returned to school after the holidays, primary and fifth grades came to schools, but senior schoolchildren have their scheduled lessons for the next two weeks in a distance mode. The first lesson was held with technical failures in the work of the electronic diary and the MES magazine. By the second lesson, the technicians had done everything they could to stabilize the electronic resources. In the first lesson, all schools used backup connection options. The lessons are currently ongoing. We are grateful to teachers, parents and children for their ability to quickly adapt to changes, quickly resolve any difficulties and work on the common task of organizing an effective educational process, ”commented to the agency the failure on the remote platform in the Moscow Department of Education.

We remind you that from the beginning of this week, from October 19,schoolchildren from grades 6-11 of Moscow schools were transferred to remote study. The measure was introduced for the next two weeks. The distance course is organized in Microsoft Teams, although you can get there only through the Moscow Electronic School (MES).

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