Fraudsters steal money from cards using the bank's voice menu

The central bank discovered a new fraudulent scheme: attackers steal money from cards using voice

bank menu. They could find out the phone numbers of clients from the databases of the Joom marketplace merged into the network.

Attackers called the bank from spoofedcustomer numbers and got into the voice menu system. When calling, the scammers asked the system for information on the balance of funds on the clients' cards. To do this, they just had to enter the last four digits of bank card numbers. Then the criminals called customers and introduced themselves as bank employees. They instilled confidence in the victims by naming the exact balance on the card. Then the scammers tricked people out of money.

It is reported that the phone numbers of customers and their bank cards were circulated on the Internet. The central bank believes that this data could be leaked from the customer base of the Joom marketplace.