MTS helped create courier robots and drones for 5G

MTS announced that it has completed the creation of an online broadcasting system, autonomous drones, cloud platforms

gaming and courier robots. All of them are capable of working in 5G networks.

To be more precise, all these solutions were modified forfifth generation networks. This was attended by companies from different countries, China, Condense Reality, Copterexpress, Fixar, Hatch Entertainment, QuarkXR and Robosharing. All of them spent four months developing using 5G modules and MTS subscriber equipment.

For example, Copterexpress autonomous drones were able to stream high-definition video using 5G. For robotic couriers Robosharing, fifth-generation networks have reduced costs by 40%.

Teams tested their products at the MTS 5G Centerand received from the telecom operator 7.5 million rubles for development. This center is a platform for the development and testing of devices operating in the fifth generation network.