The flood in Japan. the main thing

Is Japan or a single area in danger?


Heavy rains in southwest Japan: they have already swept

and northern Kyushu.

According to Japanese media, in the affected areasrailway and bus services are suspended. More than 6 thousand households are left without electricity in the prefectures of Kumamoto, Oita and Kagoshima. In addition, people living in mountainous areas were left without telephone and water supplies.

The Chikugo River, the largest in the Kyushu region, spilled in the city of Hita (Oita Prefecture). Residents are asked to monitor evacuation information to ensure safety in the event of a potential disaster.

How many victims at the moment?

Data are diverging, but according to NHK, at least 51 people on Kyushu Island died, two more are in a state of clinical death, 13 people are missing.

What kind of support measures has the country introduced?

About 200 thousand residents of Kumamoto received a recommendation to leave their homes and move to shelters or other safe places.

At the moment, employees are involved in the and rescue operation, although in many areas the deadline of 72 hours after the start of the flood, which is considered critical in the search for living people, has already expired.

Does the flood end or not?

It is not known, perhaps further flooding will occur in several cities along the river. About 1.32 million people have already received instructions on evacuation due to heavy rains on Kyushu.

When will it stop raining?

According to forecasts, heavy rains will continue on July 7. 200-300 mm of precipitation is expected in the vicinity of Tokyo and Osaka.

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